You used to let the well spout flow
wide open, gushing
Eddies would swirl around
sweep me into a vortex

I’d drink of you
I could hold no more
senses flooded by your offering
even as I drowned, I couldn’t have enough

The dam wall never high enough
to keep the current from tossing me over
Crashing into the quiet pool below
I was one with wetness

I’d swim among the florid koi
slip along the mossy rocks
Feel the cold spray sting my face
like tears that weren’t salt or sweet

All that flowed so quickly
the wetness of a womb
Slowed to meager trickles,
a pool become a hole

Once I couldn’t hear my voice
now an empty echo mocks my plea
I grab the edge to glimpse what’s left
just muddy little foulness

The well’s still mine you say
a container filled with nothing
And emptiness can’t fill
the flood plain left behind

I thirst for deep, long swallows
of what you took away
Pride stops me from going to your well
to beg for what’s not there

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This blog is my version of a cry into the wilderness. It’s about all the things I am and all the things I’m not. Each piece of my life a collection of colored shards of glass and smooth pebbles refracting light, color and sensation. They shift and change like the shapes in a kaleidoscope; beautiful and unique, shapeless and common, joyful and painful.

This blog is set up as a collection of pages, each dedicated to a facet of my life.

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